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Welcome To Jack Trade Productions
   My name is Ethan Castleton, and WELCOME, my purpose here today is to walk you through and tell what we are all about and our mission! We are going to be offering a wide variety of entertainment and services through the coming months and years. We have recently launched our first YouTube productions and let me tell you they've a huge success to the local community before we decided to launch them on YouTube and we will be bringing many more features to our new channel. We are currently seeking big deals in Hollywood, New York and Florida to launch our business globally changing the way the world sees and understands the types of videos that we make. You can find us on all the major social media outlets including the Facebook and Twitter.
   We are here to intoduce our art to the world, our imagination, creative talent and the transformations we take into designing our videos, matching notes, lyrics and art, cutting, mending and mashing. There is a lot of debate around the style of video we use, but we are here to change that, we are here to define and to set in stone what transformative work actually means in today's world, what derivative works are and the difference at hand. The problem as we see it, is there is so much misinformation being thrown around, everybody is confused, from the record companies to the lawyers and judges to the individuals trying to share their art to the public eye. The truth is "the little guys" often throw out the word Fair Use like free candy and they end up in trouble with the "Big Fish" because their work comes across as derivative which is a copyright offense and rightfully so.
   I am here to set record straight, to help both the "Big Fish" and "the little guys" to be able to work together a lot more efficiently because it's not fair for nobody to know the difference, to have judges, lawyers and the "Big Fish" making on the fly decisions  based off of loosely grounded laws and cracking down on some guy that didn't know better in the first place! It's time for the big record labels to realize when they've got somebody promoting their work, making it more creative and putting more money in their pockets. And on the other hand somebody could be outright be demoting the value of the original artist, but it's pretty obvious when this happens and that's derivative, when the art had little or no value, took hardly any time or creativity to put together.
   There are some big companies out there that are trying to make a difference allowing these individuals to express their freedoms, expressing themselves and putting their creative minds to work. They make it a simpler process to gain access to licences and extensive permissions, such as Universal Music Group, but that doesn't make it easy. You still have to prove yourself, your work, your intentions and the value that you can bring to their company by them allowing you to promote your art.
Again, my name is Ethan Castleton, I'm here to to make a difference in the world, to set a standard in Fair Use as to what is acceptable, what is transformative and allowing individuals to express themselves and their freedoms, to turn a profit for themselves and for them to help promote the original artists hard work and letting the big names maintain their rights with a peace of mind knowing some random isn't crushing their devotions and passions to delivering as a professional.
   Currently our focus is in creating the most transformative well played mash-ups, coining the term Master Masher as a standard, we also specialize in making home videos for weddings, adventures and just the fun times with friends and family. Eventually, we will be moving on to bigger and better things, shooting our own music videos, short films and promoting our own set of artists and musicians for the world to see! Thank you, God Bless America and the rest of all the great countries in the world that preserve freedom as a way of life!
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